Apr 152014


By Jeanette Chin

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity of interviewing a very talented new R&B singer-songwriter from Singapore called J. Clement. He worked with Marc Lian from Trick on his latest single, “Body Move”, and it has remained at #1 on the Hot 91.3FM chart for the past month! Wanna know more about him? Read on.

What got you started in music? Give us the lowdown on your musical history.

I started playing the saxophone when I was 12 years old, and as the years went by, I wanted to learn an instrument in which I could play and sing at the same time, and that’s how I got started playing the guitar. Having being influenced by Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, and YouTube sensations like Gabe Bondoc & Tori Kelly, my music tends to lean more towards R&B.

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Dec 312012
Photo by Issac Tan

Photo by Isaac Tan

The Sam Willows: Watch Out! This Band is Going Places FAST in 2013!

Attending The Sam Willows’ EP Launch back in October 2012, little did I know how quickly this homegrown band was going to travel far and wide. My first impressions of them were positive. No actually, it was much more than that.

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Dec 242012
Photo credit: Anthony Scarlati

Photo credit: Anthony Scarlati

Engaging & Connecting with Rick Price

On 7 Dec, I found myself seated in the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory Concert Hall, waiting for an acoustic show to start. The setting was a lovely venue with great acoustics, and the stage held a Steinway piano, an acoustic guitar, a harmonica, a table with 2 bottles of mineral water, and a standing mic. After a short introduction, a man dressed in a shirt and jacket, wearing glasses and a hat walks onstage, and starts to play the guitar and sings. He moves effortlessly between guitar, piano and harmonica, and 20 songs later, he has me leaving the concert hall feeling like the world’s a better place. Who is this man? It is Rick Price.

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Nov 032012

An Intimate Sunday Afternoon with Tay Kexin

The date was 14 Oct, the time was just before 1.00pm, and I found myself standing outside of a shophouse in Chinatown, wearing a sticker with my name on it, waiting for Tay Kexin’s showcase to start, wondering exactly what would unfold. It seems I wasn’t the only one thinking these thoughts. Kexin had deliberately kept things under wraps, even from those close to her, so that there would be an element of surprise during her first ever ticketed show, held in conjunction with Crazyworld Café’s 2nd Anniversary happenings.

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Aug 272012

Laughing It Up With Rivermaya! (by Jeanette Chin)

Last Saturday (18 Aug), I had such a fun time interviewing 4 members of Rivermaya at the Hard Rock Cafe Singapore, before their show got started. These guys are so playful, and they’re such a laugh to be with! As I was sitting down to interview Mark Escueta (vocals/guitar/djembe), Mike Elgar (vocals/guitar), Norby David (vocals/bass) and Ryan Peralta (drums/keyboard), they started asking me a whole bunch of questions instead, and got me thinking, “Hey, wait a minute here, so who’s interviewing who??” Very quickly though, they got settled in to answering my questions, punctuating their replies with lots of laughter, and before we knew it, time was up! They were out the door for their soundcheck, leaving me with a great big smile on my face, as I hit rewind on my voice recorder to listen to this…

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Jul 112012

Photo by Diana Rahim

What was discussed at the Corrinne May (above right) press conference as revealed by Jeanette Chin and Samuel C Wee.

So Corrinne, you’re now based in LA. How do you feel about coming back to Singapore and being the first local artist to perform here at Gardens by the Bay?

I always love coming back to Singapore, because this is where my family and friends are, and where I can get my favourite foods. So yeah, I’m really happy to be back…I’m really excited! It’s a beautiful venue. We were given a tour, took a look around, and went to the Cloud Forest. It’s a beautiful forest with an amazing waterfall, and it’s just a wonderful setting to just reflect, and to just think, and just to be. It opens itself for reflection and I think it goes well with music, so I like that.

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Jul 082012


Photo by Diana Rahim

What went down at the Jason Mraz press con as told to us by Samuel C Wee & Jeanette Chin.

(Jean Danker): Hi Jason, I’m Jean, nice to meet you. We love it that you’re so at home. You can have a seat here, and relax. I love it, I feel like we should all take off our shoes.

Jason Mraz (JM): Cardboard bench here too, it’s beautiful!

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Jun 052012

Photo by Zaki Razali

Moon Talkin’ with ShiGGa Shay

When ShiGGa Shay’s latest EP was released, I dropped a comment, saying that one day I would be interviewing him. Three weeks later, it happened. I found myself sitting down with him in a café, on a moonlit night, sipping green tea lattes, and just chillin’ as we talked about all kinds of things. The Singaporean rapper showed just how committed he is to his craft and revealed, among other things, who he’d like to work with, and his plans for the future. He surprised me with his depth and vision, and by the time I walked out of the café, I was convinced that ShiGGa Shay would be the next big thing that Singapore could offer to the world.

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May 312012

Inch Chua by Dawn Chua

Who Will You Discover? (By Jeanette Chin)

Music Matters Live is a showcase, a chance to present a live demo in the flesh to the right people, the people who could potentially help to push music careers to the next level. This is a chance for the public to see the music business in action. Although the various acts are required to present their music in a live festival-type setting, this is not a concert situation where everyone in the crowd already knows who they are and has paid for a ticket to see them performing live onstage. This crowd is different, this audience consists of more discerning listeners who have probably heard thousands of bands worldwide that may sound somewhat alike… so how do you grab their attention?

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May 132012

Photo by Aloysius Lim / Warner Music Singapore

From Online To A Live Stage… But Are They Any Good?

As I walked up the Forum steps towards the Hard Rock Café Coliseum, where the YouTube Stars would be performing, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Yes, I know what YouTube is. Yes, I understand that lots of folks upload videos to YouTube. Yes, I’m aware that some folks make videos of themselves singing and playing musical instruments and their videos go viral, and that’s how some people got fame as singers, musicians and songwriters. But the big question on my mind that night was, are these same people any good in a live concert situation? Tonight was the night I would find out.

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May 042012

Skullmania: New Wave Of Singaporean Heavy Metal EP Launch

Hood Bar & Café played host to Skullmania’s New Wave of Singaporean Heavy Metal EP launch last Saturday. The band shared the stage with Various X-capes, Zaganoth, Suicide Solution and Thy Fallen Kingdom.

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Apr 172012

Timbre Rock & Roots 2012 – Day 2: Andre Harihandoyo & Sonic People, Checkpoint Jam feat. Goodfellas & Dasha Logan, Hugo, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue and Earth, Wind & Fire

Day 2 of the Timbre Rock & Roots festival started off with blue skies and pleasantly cool temperatures, as it had rained earlier in the day. The line-up for the day included bands from Indonesia, Singapore, UK and the USA, plus a singer from Malaysia.

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Apr 052012

Music & Tea with Corrinne May

Corrinne May releases her 5th album Crooked Lines in Singapore, after a break of 5 years since her last album Beautiful Seed was released. She had a showcase at the Hard Rock Café Singapore in Cuscaden Road last week, the same place where about 10 years ago she had promoted her debut album Fly Away. Corrinne was accompanied by her band, including her producer/musician husband Kavin Hoo, treating her fans and the media to a night of song. She sang 5 songs from her latest album, including “Beautiful Life”, a song she wrote in conjunction with the theme of the Esplanade’s 10th anniversary, a ‘celebration of life’, and what she says is her 3-year-old daughter Claire’s favourite song, “Just What I Was Looking For”.

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Mar 122012

A Concert For The Fans

Iconic ‘80s band Duran Duran played the Singapore Indoor Stadium and treated everyone to a Saturday night filled with a selection of their greatest hits and songs from their latest album, All You Need Is Now. The band gave a tremendous performance, emphasizing they are first and foremost a live band.

Opening the show in dramatic fashion with instrumental number “Return To Now”, leading into the lyrically poetic “Before The Rain”, the band then launched into an energetic rendition of “Planet Earth” and James Bond theme “A View To A Kill”. Mixing fast songs with ballads, the band delivered wave after wave of musical ecstasy.

Spending 2010 promoting All You Need Is Now, the band embarked on a tour spanning the globe in 2011, taking them through UK, Europe, North America, Dubai and Singapore. They will also be heading to Seoul, Hong Kong, Australia, and South America.

Midway through the tour, lead singer Simon Le Bon had encountered problems with his voice, forcing the band to take pause and wonder about a possible future without him. Tour dates were re-scheduled, so that he could recover, and after 3 months, they were back on the road again.

On Saturday night, Simon was in fine form. His voice was buttery smooth in “Come Undone” and showed no sign of strain throughout the evening, not even with hard-hitting tracks like “Wild Boys”.

With the band returning to the early ‘80s sound of their first 3 albums, it is evident that Duran Duran have come full circle. Through its ups and downs, changing band members and personal struggles, this band has survived. This concert was for the fans. Through the challenges, all they needed to do was to focus on the people right in front of them. The ones who’ve stuck by them through the years. Nothing else matters. All we need is now.

(Jeanette Chin)