HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS Self-titled EP (The Null Corporation)

Really, Trent, this is your side project with the missus?

Together with English musician-programmer, Atticus Ross, Mr and Mrs Reznor are How To Destroy Angels (name taken from the Coil song), a band to indulge in all the proto-industrial, post-punk revival excesses an intelligent (albeit cynical) 80s synth-pop fan would jerk off to.

I’m not quite sure what the purpose of this free EP is but certainly it is a potent marketing tool to get the name and music of How To Destroy Angels out there in the world of internet geekdom. Apart from the obligatory bleeping noises, distorted electronic drums and Ms Maandig’s breathy vocals, there are precious little hooks to get anyone other than a rabid NIN fan interested in this pile of inconsequential bullshit.

Hey and if that doesn’t stop you, you can still download the EP here. Alright, job done, no more angels…happy?