Apr 192013

Kevin Mathews/The Groovy People by Cassandra Goh

“Beyond the Ashes” is the second teaser off the upcoming album, EMO FASCISM – due in August.

Catch Kevin Mathews/The Groovy People play “Beyond the Ashes” next Friday, April 26th at Identite 9.3 – KAMCO MUSIC at Home Club from 8pm. Cover is $12 (one free housepour and free entry to Kicks! afterwards). Also on the bill – Enec.e, Tricks & Cider and TypeWriter.

See you all there!

Jan 292013


Dan Chan, frontman of Xingfoo&Roy brings us his unique perspective of being a performer and audience member at Identite 8.4

I met Amir through a fellow local musician named Chris(also known as Bravepaper). After exchanging emails, Amir asked if our band would like to play at Homeclub’s Identite 8.4 and we gladly accepted!

We played Homeclub’s Big Night Out Launch party along with The Livid Suns and Deon Toh on the 25th (last Friday) and it was great. A fairy large crowd showed up and The Livid Suns kicked the party off with some of their original tracks. Ending with a cover of “Gold Lion” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Their fierce musical style reminded me of comparable local acts such as Fire Away! Samson and Caracal.

Xingfoo&Roy played next and we can’t express the amount of gratitude we have towards Homeclub and the crowd. The crowd was warm and cheerful which vanished our anxiety almost immediately. The sound was also the best we’d ever had, so props to Homeclub for that! The show was amazing mainly due to the crowd as they danced and sang along to our songs. Pleasing the crowd drove us to play so much better than we ever have.

Ending the event with a mix of alternative-pop tracks was singer songwriter Deon Toh. Deon sang as his backing band complemented his songs. His creamy and soothing voice toned the mood down quite a fair bit and left the audiences bobbing their heads to a set of his original songs which included the catchy, “Little Lives” and they ended with a cover of a Band Of Horses song. Deon Toh is a very talented individual with an immense amount of soul and we hope to hear more from him in the near future.

On the whole, Identite 8.4 was a success and we’d love to thank Homeclub for being such a great contribution to the thriving local music scene.

Jan 242013

Another Friday, another Identite presented by Home Club and RSC. On 25th January, The Livid Sun, Xingfoo&Roy and Deon Toh take to the stage for the Big Night Out Launch Party. We managed to get hold of Daniel out of Xingfoo&Roy to respond to our queries…

What is Xingfoo&Roy?

Xingfoo&Roy is a band comprised of three boys, Gabriel, Jeremy and Daniel. We’ve been playing together since early 2011 and have been writing music ever since. The reason why we love to write music is because we’d like to share our views on certain subjects in the form of musical expression. The name came about from a short story Gabriel wrote about two characters. Xingfoo and Roy. We also decided on the name, as it was a reference to Sigfred and Roy, the magicians. We wanted a local sounding band name as well feel that many local band are trying to sound western. Got to stick to your roots man.

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Jan 172013

This Friday’s Other Sounds launch party at Home Club will not only feature local indie popsters Obedient Wives Club and Lost Weekend but as an added bonus will be the debut Singapore appearance of Melbourne rockers ScotDrakula who are bound to entertain with its self-styled “red-eyed” soul music. 

We managed to get ScotDrakula to respond to a couple of our questions…

What motivates you to make music?

Playing music is pretty much the only thing that makes sense. The rest of life’s activity is motivated by a desire to make more music.

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Jan 142013


“Let’s kick off the beginning of a new era of music journalism in Singapore!” declares music blog Other Sounds as it launches its 3-month old website with a gig featuring Lost Weekend, Obedient Wives Club and ScotDrakula (from Australia). Certainly, over at Power of Pop, our hearts are warmed to see more Singapore music sites enter the fray and we look forward to Other Sounds living up to its promise! In any case, we are excited with the upcoming gig (Friday, 18th Jan) as it gives local music fans the chance to check out Lost Weekend, a new indie pop outfit! As a primer for the event, we caught up with the band to find out a little bit more…

How did Lost Weekend come together?

Lost Weekend was born from a mutual restlessness with tax-paying adulthood and a particularly vicious round of Beer Pong. We’re a scruffy bunch of friends who play songs to make life more interesting. For ourselves, and hopefully for you too.

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Jan 132013

The Identite series hosted by Home Club has been a critical event on the local indie scene calendar in recent times. Organized by RSC (Rock Star Collective) the untiring efforts of unsung local heroes Amir Kadir and Razi Razak has been slowly but surely leaving a mark on our scene. For me personally, Razi has been instrumental in my re-introduction to the local scene in 2007, and I am still extremely grateful for that! Nostalgia buffs can check out my blog entry for this way back then.

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