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Jan 162014



This piece was originally meant for publication in TODAY but due to miscommunication, it never was and so I decided to post it here on Power of Pop. 

FAIRCHILD/DEON | Home Club | 3rd Jan 2014

That Singapore is now a premier regional hub for high-end music entertainment is a given. But perhaps what needs further development is for Singapore to provide an avenue for up and coming foreign bands to cut their teeth at our smaller venues so that home audiences might enjoy these performances in a more intimate setting. Bring local bands into the equation as opening acts and the opportunity for healthy cross-pollination arises which can only benefit music lovers everywhere. Thus far, the likes of Beach Fossils (USA), The Cairos (Australia) and Mac Demarco (Canada) have made their way to our smaller stages and it is a promising trend that hopefully truly takes off in the immediate future.

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Apr 192013

Kevin Mathews/The Groovy People by Cassandra Goh

“Beyond the Ashes” is the second teaser off the upcoming album, EMO FASCISM – due in August.

Catch Kevin Mathews/The Groovy People play “Beyond the Ashes” next Friday, April 26th at Identite 9.3 – KAMCO MUSIC at Home Club from 8pm. Cover is $12 (one free housepour and free entry to Kicks! afterwards). Also on the bill – Enec.e, Tricks & Cider and TypeWriter.

See you all there!

Feb 212013
Obedient Wives Club, by Cass Goh

Obedient Wives Club, by Cass Goh

It is a good time to be involved in the S-ROCK scene. Interest in the scene is definitely growing as the media gives it attention it properly deserves. More releases, more gigs, more open mikes, more bands, more venues…more, more, more!  In the last two weeks, I managed to witness two launches – first, by Another Sunday Afternoon and last Friday, by Obedient Wives Club. These bands are very different in terms of musical approach and execution but share the same passion, talent and ability to touch and thrill true-blue music lovers. Also worth considering – the fledging outfits that opened viz Victoria Street and Rocketswan, interestingly enough, both female-fronted! Exciting times, indeed.

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Jan 292013


Dan Chan, frontman of Xingfoo&Roy brings us his unique perspective of being a performer and audience member at Identite 8.4

I met Amir through a fellow local musician named Chris(also known as Bravepaper). After exchanging emails, Amir asked if our band would like to play at Homeclub’s Identite 8.4 and we gladly accepted!

We played Homeclub’s Big Night Out Launch party along with The Livid Suns and Deon Toh on the 25th (last Friday) and it was great. A fairy large crowd showed up and The Livid Suns kicked the party off with some of their original tracks. Ending with a cover of “Gold Lion” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Their fierce musical style reminded me of comparable local acts such as Fire Away! Samson and Caracal.

Xingfoo&Roy played next and we can’t express the amount of gratitude we have towards Homeclub and the crowd. The crowd was warm and cheerful which vanished our anxiety almost immediately. The sound was also the best we’d ever had, so props to Homeclub for that! The show was amazing mainly due to the crowd as they danced and sang along to our songs. Pleasing the crowd drove us to play so much better than we ever have.

Ending the event with a mix of alternative-pop tracks was singer songwriter Deon Toh. Deon sang as his backing band complemented his songs. His creamy and soothing voice toned the mood down quite a fair bit and left the audiences bobbing their heads to a set of his original songs which included the catchy, “Little Lives” and they ended with a cover of a Band Of Horses song. Deon Toh is a very talented individual with an immense amount of soul and we hope to hear more from him in the near future.

On the whole, Identite 8.4 was a success and we’d love to thank Homeclub for being such a great contribution to the thriving local music scene.

Jan 242013

Another Friday, another Identite presented by Home Club and RSC. On 25th January, The Livid Sun, Xingfoo&Roy and Deon Toh take to the stage for the Big Night Out Launch Party. We managed to get hold of Daniel out of Xingfoo&Roy to respond to our queries…

What is Xingfoo&Roy?

Xingfoo&Roy is a band comprised of three boys, Gabriel, Jeremy and Daniel. We’ve been playing together since early 2011 and have been writing music ever since. The reason why we love to write music is because we’d like to share our views on certain subjects in the form of musical expression. The name came about from a short story Gabriel wrote about two characters. Xingfoo and Roy. We also decided on the name, as it was a reference to Sigfred and Roy, the magicians. We wanted a local sounding band name as well feel that many local band are trying to sound western. Got to stick to your roots man.

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Jan 222013


Yes, this review is a little late. Yes, I had loads of fun with friends and new acquaintances, not to mention the delivery of good good music. What else do you need to know?

Upfront let me just say that congratulations are in order to Other Sounds for hosting a fabulous party. I mean, the food was simply yummy and even though I had dinner before I came, I still managed to polish a couple of burgers and pizza slices. So kudos! And… the free flow alcohol, courtesy of Asahi was much welcomed as well. Is the indie music scene coming of age. Step by step, in the right direction.

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Jan 172013

This Friday’s Other Sounds launch party at Home Club will not only feature local indie popsters Obedient Wives Club and Lost Weekend but as an added bonus will be the debut Singapore appearance of Melbourne rockers ScotDrakula who are bound to entertain with its self-styled “red-eyed” soul music. 

We managed to get ScotDrakula to respond to a couple of our questions…

What motivates you to make music?

Playing music is pretty much the only thing that makes sense. The rest of life’s activity is motivated by a desire to make more music.

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Jan 142013


“Let’s kick off the beginning of a new era of music journalism in Singapore!” declares music blog Other Sounds as it launches its 3-month old website with a gig featuring Lost Weekend, Obedient Wives Club and ScotDrakula (from Australia). Certainly, over at Power of Pop, our hearts are warmed to see more Singapore music sites enter the fray and we look forward to Other Sounds living up to its promise! In any case, we are excited with the upcoming gig (Friday, 18th Jan) as it gives local music fans the chance to check out Lost Weekend, a new indie pop outfit! As a primer for the event, we caught up with the band to find out a little bit more…

How did Lost Weekend come together?

Lost Weekend was born from a mutual restlessness with tax-paying adulthood and a particularly vicious round of Beer Pong. We’re a scruffy bunch of friends who play songs to make life more interesting. For ourselves, and hopefully for you too.

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Jan 042013

It’s the sixth installment of Pecha Kucha Night* on 17th Jan at Home Club.

This event aims to grow the local community through sharing inspirational talks with new ideas, and personal stories from different backgrounds. Unlike other speaker events already seen in the city, the organizers have a clear vision to get local talents inspired and connected in this Pecha Kucha Night platform.

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Nov 132012


This Friday, Identite 7.5 presents The Mash Up as Caracal front man KC Meals, hip hop duo Trick and electro-pop outfit I Hate This Place deliver a truly eclectic night of indie music.


HOME CLUB |16th November 2012, 9:00 pm |Friday, 18 and above | $12 (includes a housepour drink and entry to KICKS! after)


Jun 272012

Photo by Untitled Entertainment/Ryan Peters

The Singapore indie music scene is slowly but surely becoming more global and cosmopolitan. Last Friday (22nd June) Hong Kong-based Untitled Entertainment promoted a headlining gig at the Home Club for Aussie band, The Jezabels, to launch the band’s debut album, The Prisoner.

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Mar 122012

(Press release)

KittyWu Records presents BITCH MAGNET for a one-night-only performance at HOME CLUB on Friday, 13 April 2012. Formed in the fall of 1986 by Jon Fine (guitar) and Park Sooyoung (bass and vocals) and Orestes Morfín (drums), BITCH MAGNET have been recognized as a significant influence on generations of aggressive and musically complex bands, including Mogwai, Don Caballero, Rodan, June of 44 and Battles.

BITCH MAGNET, inactive since 2004, had their entire remastered Bitch Magnet catalog, plus six previously unreleased tracks, released as a triple-CD and a limited edition triple-LP in late 2011 by Temporary Residence Limited. It was greeted by rapturous critical responses from outlets ranging from the New York Times to Total Guitar, including four-star reviews in Rolling Stone and Mojo and a five-star review in Uncut.

The post-hardcore pioneers reunited at All Tomorrow’s Parties “Nightmare Before Christmas” festival in December 2011, and the band also performed a handful of dates in the UK, Europe and Asia in late 2011. Those performances marked the first onstage appearance of the band’s original recorded lineup – Morfin, Park and Fine – since 1989.

BITCH MAGNET will be joined by Singapore band AMATEUR TAKES CONTROL.

Event Title: KittyWu presents BITCH MAGNET (US)

Event Date: Friday, 13 April 2012

Event Time: Doors open at 8pm

Venue: HOME CLUB, 20 Upper Circular Road, #B1-01/06, The Riverwalk

Tickets: SGD25 (Advance) / SGD30 (Door)

Purchase advance tickets from

May 282011

(Press release)

SQNC is proud to present Manila’s very own TAKEN BY CARS. TAKEN BY CARS will perform a one-night only concert at HOME CLUB (Singapore) on Friday, 10 June 2011. This will be the band’s Singapore Album Launch for their latest album “Dualist”, released 15 April 2011.

Tickets are sold at the door.

Event Title: SQNC Presents “DUALIST”, Taken By Cars Singapore Album Launch Event Date: 10 June 2011 Event Time: Door opens at 1930hrs Event Address: Home Club 20 Upper Circular Road, B1-01/06 The Riverwalk Singapore Tickets: $15 – Admission + 1 drink // $25 – Admission + “Dualist” CD + 1 drink

Gate ticket includes entrance to BEAT! Opening Acts: Plainsunset (SG) + A Vacant Affair (SG)


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May 012011

(Press release)

LOCALMOTION is a gig happening at Home Club every now and then organised by music lovers, for music lovers.

The intention: To showcase original musicians in Singapore for the crazy talent they boast.

In this edition we have playing for us:

8.30pm – Project Ultrasound (

9.15pm – Green Monster (

10pm –  Bear Culture (

Tickets at $12 per entry (with 1 free drink and entry to BEAT! after)


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Apr 022011

A message from Jon Ashley, organizer…

Local Motion @ Homeclub

8th April 20.30pm

LOCALMOTION is a gig happening at Home Club every now and then organised by music lovers, for music lovers.

The intention: To showcase original musicians in Singapore for the crazy talent they boast.

In this edition we have playing for us:

8.30pm – The Roses (

9.15pm – Embrace Them Ghosts (

10pm – The Guilt (

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Mar 142011

LOCALMOTION is a gig happening at Home Club every now and then organised by music lovers, for music lovers.

The intention: To showcase original musicians in Singapore.

In this edition (Friday, 18th March):

8:30pm – The Verge


9:15pm – Bluescentric


10 pm – Black Disco Ball


Tickets at $12 per entry (with 1 free drink)


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Feb 102011

Press release

In early March, Singapore heavy rockers Caracal will be making its way to Canadian Music Fest, a week- long event which will feature Janet Jackson, Janelle Monae, Good Charlotte and more as its 2011 line-up. This would be the first time that a Singapore band has been invited to perform at the Canadian Music Fest.

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Dec 122010

Press release

3 acts which showcase live electronic music will take centre-stage at HOME Club on Friday 17 December 2010. Synth-pop quartet Elektone, electro-hip hop act The Lard Brothers and live drum’n’bass crew Breakbeat Theory will share the same stage.

Electronic music with the dynamics of live musicians will be performed as a seamless showcase, akin to a DJ set. The electronically programmed beat sets the pulse for the show while musicians augment the tunes by layering additional pulsating rhythms and carefully crafted melodies.

It would be the first time in Singapore which 3 such acts with different electronic genre leanings have come together to work as a community, presenting their craft as a whole unit.


Date: Friday 17 December 2010

Time: 2000hr

Venue: HOME Club (22 Upper Circular Road, The Riverwalk)

Ticket charge: S$12 (including 1 drink).

The first 50 guests get an additional glass of Heavy Water vodka.

More info –