SCISSOR SISTERS Night Work (Universal)

Sorry, children, but this review has been hijacked by Aunty Dowdy –

Oh my goodness, what is this filth we are inflicting on our poor innocent children? I mean, look at that horribly suggestive cover – buns that tight should be baked and not gloried in! And *gasp* do you know what the name of the band means? It’s a ghastly position that I could only tolerate once as I pulled my hamstring. Disgraceful!

And don’t get me started on those disgusting lyrics! I can barely type them out…

“Take me anyway you like it; in front of the fireplace, in front of your yacht, in front of my parents, I don’t give a damn baby, just take me.” (Any Which Way)

“Harder you get/Caught in my sweat/Never too wet/To want it all” (Harder You Get)

“Sex and violence/Hit me with a lover, burns so bright/And one is just the other/Sweetest tastes, never gonna leave you/Even when it hurts you, breathe it, breathe it” (Sex and Violence)

I think I’m gonna puke. Finally, there’s the decadent 70s disco music that sounds all too much like Elton John, ABBA, the Bee Gees, Blondie, KC and the Sunshine Band, Duran Duran David Bowie, Kiss, Queen, Chic. Sick!!!

They’re all going to hell together! If you don’t want to, then you’d better not listen to Scissor Sisters!!!

Aunty Dowdy still listens to Frank Sinatra and Pat Boone, believes that George W Bush was the best President ever and is praying for the day when good old fashioned family values will return to the world.