Mar 152015


Last night, spent time with Charlie Lim & the Mothership (and twenty plus lucky fans) as the band recorded a live in-studio performance at The Analog Factory. Organised by BEEP Studios, the idea was to provide a unique listening experience, where the music would be crystal clear courtesy of inline earphones courtesy of Aurisonics. Look out for the video to be uploaded soon!

Dec 282013

Finally! Charlie Lim has released two new singles (viz. “Bitter” and “Conspiracy”) and both tracks can be downloaded for FREE from Bandwagon (limited to first 1000 signups) so HURRY!!!!

Suffice to say, “Bitter” is a heart-wrenchingly gorgeous jazz-pop piece with dynamism, virtuosity and dollops of soul that deserves to be a worldwide hit (whatever that means nowadays) – please don’t miss out! “Conspiracy” demonstrates a different side of Charlie as smooth R&B inflections, infectious funky beats and cool vibes make the song a hot dancefloor hit contender! Another essential track for your collection!

Find out more about Charlie Lim here.

Jan 132013

The Identite series hosted by Home Club has been a critical event on the local indie scene calendar in recent times. Organized by RSC (Rock Star Collective) the untiring efforts of unsung local heroes Amir Kadir and Razi Razak has been slowly but surely leaving a mark on our scene. For me personally, Razi has been instrumental in my re-introduction to the local scene in 2007, and I am still extremely grateful for that! Nostalgia buffs can check out my blog entry for this way back then.

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Dec 312012


First, an apology – I dearly wanted this review to be a bigger feature and to be spotlighted in one of the more mainstream outlets I write for BUT alas, it was not to be. I didn’t realize that Charlie Lim was going to do a complete second set – which I missed – and so this serves as a somewhat truncated account of what went down the night Charlie Lim came home.

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Dec 262012

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(Riot! Records Press Release)

After five months on the road peddling his inimitable concoction of folk rock and neo-soul across Asia, singer-songwriter Charlie Lim returns to Singapore for a homecoming show at BluJaz Café on Friday, 28th December.

The tour, which has taken him to Tokyo, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia, saw him perform at world-renowned stages at Clockenflap, Jarasum International Jazz, and Urbanscapes festivals and alongside some of the regionʼs top independent music artists such as Malaysiaʼs Liyana Fizi and Side A from The Philippines.

BluJaz holds particular significance for Charlie, who started his fledgling career performing shows at the venue from the young age of 18. In homage to his journey since then; and to the inspiring cultural exchanges experienced on-tour, the upcoming show at BluJaz Café promises two sets featuring jams with special guests and musicians who played with Charlie at different segments of the tour, with the support from fellow independent artist Weish.

Show details:

Date & time: Friday, 28th December 2012, from 9pm to 12.30am
Venue: BluJaz Café, 11 Bali Lane
Entry: Free
For more:

Dec 162012

What is S-ROCK in this new indie rock era? Bands that have risen to prominence since 2010 tend to be post-1988 babies and the sum of their influences seems to be the Post-Punk Revival that was crystalized with the arrival of The Strokes, The Killers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The White Stripes and others. Based on the 80s post-punk “movement” of the early to mid-80s, this style and sound is now the pre-eminent indie-alternative rock music of our times. In addition, this sound/style has been closely associated with the “hipster” demographic that is beginning to mark and distinguish this generation somewhat, fairly or not. In any case, here’s a bunch of new S-ROCK bands that come into this equation and it should be interesting to see where these bands will be, come 2015.

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Oct 282012

A few random thoughts came to mind whilst I was at The Sam Willows EP launch at TAB last night, supported by Charlie Lim and ShiGGa Shay. One, was that I witnessing the future of our Singapore indie scene as these young talented artists – with all the potential they possess – are in the best position to bring the indie scene forward within and without our shores. Two, how different the indie scene looked in 2012, compared to 1992.

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Oct 032012

2012 marks the 10th anniversary of this “user-generated” creative arts festival in the Klang Valley (24 and 25 November 2012 @ Padang Astaka). For this year, the Festival is featuring major international and regional stars including Sigur Ros, Malaysian star Yuna, Indonesian band The Trees and The Wild and Singapore’s Charlie Lim. Expect a whole slew of top notch Malaysian indie acts performing as well.

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Sep 092012

The Music Society of Singapore (or sgmuso) had its second Music Dialogue on Sat, 8th Sep and by all accounts it was an interesting afternoon for all who attended. Now, although I am an EXCO member of sgmuso, I am writing this article NOT as an EXCO member or on behalf of sgmuso but as an fairly objective observer (but take whatever I say with a pinch of salt, if you must).

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Aug 222012

Melbourne-based Singapore singer-songwriter Charlie Lim stops by his hometown for a Late Nite showcase at the Esplanade Recital Studio on 31 August, 2012. Together with his band that features some of Singapore’s finest young talent, Charlie will debut new unreleased material alongside hits from his brilliant debut EP.

Following Singapore, Charlie will be performing shows in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Manila; and at the Jarasum International Jazz Festival in Korea, from September through to December.

To buy tickets to Charlie’s Late Nite showcase, go to the Esplanade Box Office, or

Official Site


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Apr 122012


Now, the introduction to “There Is No Love” swept me literally off my feet, my heart melted and chills ran down the length of my spine. No mean feat. I’m talking about the second track on Charlie Lim‘s amazing debut eponymous EP that was released sometime last year. Better late than never eh?

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