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STELLASTARR* Civilized (Bloated Wife)

Can I be brutally honest? I still haven’t quite made my peace with the still-kicking post punk revival scene. It seems shocking to me sometimes that young bands feel the need to plunder the best years of my music-listening experience to “create” new product for the teeming masses of today.

File Stellastarr* together with the likes of the Killers, Interpol, the Editors et al, in their blatant referencing of 80s post punk and in particular Joy Division. That said, on Civilized singer Shawn Christiansen, seens to have taken a different path from previous albums, less Ian Curtis and more Marc Bolan & David Bowie with a tinge of Mark (Devo) Mothersbaugh.

Not only that but there’s seems to be a slightly happier vibe on songs like Prom Zombie, Tokyo Sky and Move On.

If that’s your thing, well, don’t hesitate and get Civilized.


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