Press release from Quite Great Communications

Out of nowhere, Stacey Jackson a mother of four has gate-crashed the dance music charts and her infectious new dance floor-filling anthem I am a Woman is truly a call to arms for yummy mummy’s everywhere!

Fresh from achieving an unprecedented position for an unheralded artist in the Music Week Club Charts with debut single I Hear a Symphony the question on everybody’s lips in the music industry is ‘who the %*@# is Stacey Jackson?!?!’ and Stacey’s story is an inspiration to anyone who wants to chase their dreams.

After raising four children, the 41-year-old Chelsea-based housewife decided to rekindle her passion for music and performance and ‘I am a Woman’ is a call to arms for ladies everywhere and a rallying cry to get sisters doing it for themselves.

Fresh from Stacey’s anthemic debut single I Hear a Symphony miraculously flying up the Music Week Club Charts to sit alongside tracks by Kylie and Lady Gaga after being tipped by the Guardian’s music writers and going down a storm with UK DJs, I am a Woman will guarantee that you will be hearing the name ‘Stacey Jackson’ everywhere soon.

Not since Cher’s Believe has a record come from the leftfield to cause such a stir within the über-cool world of dance music and Stacey’s story is an example to women everywhere that it’s never too late to strike out on a limb and reach for the stars.

Now with her new single I am a Woman Stacey has set her sights on world domination and with momentum building behind her music it looks like nothing can stop her!

41 year-old mom of four?! Totally cool. Review of I Am A Woman to come. In the meantime, enjoy I Hear A Symphony.