Smash Palace has been a stalwart of the Pop Underground scene for some time now and new album Do It Again (from Zip Records) is its seventh effort. Power pop is not an easy ‘genre’ to excel in due to the stringent comparisons with the seminal music of the past but it must be said that Smash Palace succeeds better than most. The key factor that sets Smash Palace apart is the superior songwriting that the Butler brothers Stephen and Brian bring to the party.

“Do It Again” is an unabashed smooth blues tribute to the seminal music of the 60s/70s I mentioned above and simply put, represents the rationale for the existence of Smash Palace. And once you understand where Smash Palace is coming from, it’s a natural thing to appreciate the wonders on this delightfully retro album. From the Beatlesque “Living It Lonely” to the rock n’ rolling “Can’t Make It Without Her”, it’s one gem after another that will hold your attention for its duration. Now that’s not something you can say about most albums in 2012. Essential.

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