BigO 95

BigO (Before I Get Old) was a self-styled indie magazine that existed in print form from about 1985 to 2003 (give or take). Founded by Michael and Philip Cheah (with Stephen Tan) from the ashes of the Singapore Monitor, the magazine would be a major pop culture force in Singapore in the 1990s. Though it still exists online, its influence in local culture has been deliberately curtailed for reasons unknown.

I was a writer with BigO from roughly 1992 – 2002 and it was without doubt an interesting experience and marked a unique epoch in Singapore rock history. If you are keen to know more (and why the fuck wouldn’t you? are you dead inside?), then you cannot miss the above panel discussion organised by the Singapore Writers Festival to be held at The Barber Shop by Timbre on 7th November, from 5.30 to 6.30pm.

I will be participating in the panel discussion along with good friends Patrick Chng (The Oddfellows, TypeWriter) and Eddino Abdul Hadi (Force Vomit) and the moderator, Danny Loong (Timbre).

Click here for more info. See you!

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