New music for your consideration from two singer-songwriters who do not quite fit the profile of the typical Singapore musician.

Höflich (a.k.a. Peter Hoflich) is a Canadian expat who is probably best known for being the frontman of now defunct hard rock band MegalomaniA.

His first solo releases – “Omniscient” and “Dirnig” – takes the music in a different direction, a more distinct Dylanesque one.

Lyrically, the concepts are not too far from MegalomaniA songs – fairly topical issues crop up but the music is blues-rock, with slide guitar prominent.

The melodies are functional and sometimes the words are too much of a mouthful but overall, there is a vital rock ‘n’ roll vibe that sustains the interest.

Trampas Django collaborated with singer-songwriter IzzyRocks for his Cowboy from Hell EP, with Trampas providing the lyrics to IzzyRock’s melodic contributions.

The music is standard hard rock with a bluesy flavour, a bit like Höflich, in that respect. There is an earnest quality about songs like “Sweet Jane Brown”, “The Ancient One” and the title track where the singer’s personality and attitude shines through even if the vocals tend to be on the raw side.

Rough around the edges perhaps but hopefully these promising additions to the local rock music scene but be encouraged to build confidence in order to be inspired to write greater works.


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