Oct 222011

Singaporeans hate S-ROCK!

That’s the simple truth. Funny how any suggestion of having S-ROCK bands play in a music festival held in Singapore will have the haters up in arms. Examples from Laneway Festival’s Facebook page –

“There’s simply not enough time for local bands in a 12-hr music festival that’s NOT ABOUT local bands” goes one comment. Meaning that S-ROCK only belongs in the ghetto (like at Baybeats?) and should not be allowed near a ‘proper’ music festival.

“Why inflict the local acts on people who do not want to see them? Sorry but the local scene is hardly enticing and original here in Singapore. It makes no sense” goes another insightful comment. He is entitled to his opinion but if being ‘enticing and original’ is the criterion for playing Laneway Festival, I am sure I can make a case against many of those hipster 80s/90s wannabes who WILL be playing at the Festival – is Yuck original? This type of small-minded mud-slinging gets us nowhere.

And that makes me feel sad. I am not too bothered what Chugg Entertainment does – it is their prerogative whether S-ROCK bands play at its festival or not. It’s all down to total lack of support from Singaporeans themselves. I mean, can you imagine the Festival being run in Australia or New Zealand without local bands? Of course not. But the reverse is true here as most of the punters going to the Festival cannot imagine it with local bands. The fact that this is still a major issue is seriously depressing.

No wonder Inch Chua is in L.A. and B-Quartet – one of our finest S-ROCK bands – have quit the scene. I guess at this point in time, all we are good for is playing covers…


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