Hard to believe that UK neo-soul singer ROX is a mere 22 year old. She sang like a veteran at her tidy showcase at TAB on 5th November. Her self-assurance is amazing and even though she was backed by only one guitarist/keyboard player, that did not stop her from grooving like she was backed by a full band. Whether handling dance numbers or ballads, ROX delivered them in the same manner – much aplomb.

Dressed in a hot black outfit, she cut a stylish figure with her red ‘fro, she was totally in her element from the moment she stepped on stage. Calm and confident, she connected with the crowd easily and effortlessly, singing the songs from her acclaimed debut album. And when she decided to belt out the songs, she hit those high notes with such precision and power, it was a sheer joy to revel in that soulful goodness.

I would dearly to hear ROX with a proper backing band to give her the tasty rhythm that voice deserves. That said, it was a memorable gig and definitely another feather in TAB’s cap. Kudos to all concerned!