Let me make this clear – the Singapore (English) music scene will live or die by its ability to produce good original music. Not by how well bands reproduce Top 40 material. That is why I was so encouraged by the wonderful acoustic performance by Lunarin yesterday afternoon at the Library @ Esplanade.

Consisting of many songs not recorded for Lunarin’s sophomore album Duae (have you purchased it yet?), the band (aided and abetted by Nat Soh and Victor Ong on violin and cello respectively) revealed a different side of their musical prowess. One where melodies shone through, with an approach that sounded more like a chamber music recital than a rock concert.

I loved the new songs Ghost and 22 and the re-intepretation of Midas and could imagine them being inserted into film and TV, without even having to mention radio. It’s definitely a direction Lunarin will have to consider seriously and I understand that there are plans to record these excellent acoustic songs for an EP release.

One issue I must address is that of Linda Ong’s voice. People who are looking for perfect pitch over unique vocal expressions should really just stick to GLEE and auto-tuning overkill! Where would the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Lou Reed or Patti Smith (to name but few) be with this kind of retrograde mindset. Pardon my French, but FUCK OFF or learn how to appreciate Linda’s distinctive vocal stylings. Seriously.

Ah yes, I had the distinct honour of opening for Lunarin and the pleasure of introducing Vanessa Faith (my 2010 Noise apprentice) and protege Debra Khng as well. I extremely pleased that Van’s Good Things and Deb’s All Of Me went down very well. That’s what it’s all about folks – ORIGINAL SONGS!!! Keep an eye on both girls in the months ahead…

Me? I played mostly new songs and it was exhausting to keep my concentration focused on delivering them right rather than cruising through the usual “old” comfortable songs. Very happy with the audience’s response, it must be said.


Imagine (John Lennon cover)

Little Red Dot



Liars in Love

Beyond the Ashes

My One & Only.

One week to the Popland reunion at Timbre @ Substation from 7.15pm. Can hardly wait!

… still there’s more …