So what in the world is prog pop, you might ask?

Well, if you think about Steven Wilson’s excellent To the Bone album last year and reflect perhaps on the wondrous 80s work of Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel, then perhaps you can begin to understand exactly what In Tall Buildings (a.k.a. Erik Hall) has achieved here.

There’s an air of sophisticated abandon about Akinetic that is so rare in the modern rock environment.

These songs are immersed in an eclectic musical sensibility that is hard to easily nail down and pigeon-hole.

So much going on here that a trite phrase like ‘prog pop’ is an injustice on the widescreen ambition that Erik Hall demonstrates.

In fact, labels are irrelevant as Hall is able to channel different styles within individual songs – folk, soul, pop, art-rock – all seem inadequate to fully appreciate the scope of Akinetic.

Suffice to say that this is one of the most promising albums of the year. Spend time with Akinetic and be rewarded.

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