Plasticsoul is basically singer-songwriter Steven Wilson and the folks he drags along for the ride – in his present case – Marc Bernal, Daniel Conrad, and Steve Markowitz.

In 2009, we reviewed Plasticsoul’s debut platter – Peacock Swagger – and found it to be “a mini-godsend as the album is chock full of the right influences” – and it’s a sweet relief to find that Therapy has upped the ante somewhat from 8 years ago with Wilson and co delivering an album that is sweet salvation for music lovers starved of power pop rock n roll!

Songs like“All Died Pretty” and “Keeping a Light On” are rifftastic garage numbers whilst “In Her Raincoat” and “The Girl of Many Tribes” are pop sophisticated in content and execution. The eclectic contrast is what is missing from much of modern pop music nowadays and needs to be prized by genuine music lovers.

Elsewhere, the opening “My Heavy Soul” has the right mix of pop and rock n roll that channels the likes of classic Pink Floyd and KISS so effortlessly that it is a wonder to behold, whilst the title track and “Monkey on the Stick” brings melodic and rhythmic intensity together in a happy albeit tense marriage.

Authentic and heartfelt, this is the kind of music making that delivers on artistic intent without giving a single fuck about what is hip and cool at any given time.

2017 is shaping up to be an excellent year for pop-rock, power pop and rock n roll and Plasticsoul has certainly gone above and beyond in making it a special year to remember.

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