So much music, so little time – as we are wont to lament. Sometimes that means being a little late on music releases, even in your own backyard. Such is the case with Teashhur, an Australian singer-songwriter based in Singapore.

Teashhur’s Dreams EP was released in 2016 and it consists of three songs that stylistically do not deviate too much from a simple formula. Stark piano arpeggios embellished by string arrangements form the foundations for straight-forward pop songwriting.

Nothing too remarkable till one hears Teashhur’s powerfully distinctive voice which carries the listener into another plane almost. Certainly that larynx is a marvel in itself, in a music scene dominated by electronically processed vocals or indistinct warbling too low in the mix to be felt.

In truth, the opening “Angel Eyes” sets the tone for Dreams and pretty much spoils the rest of the EP – the repeat function will be used erm repeatedly to its logical limit as one wonders at the person behind that vox, and hoping that that same person will explore ways and means  in which that vox can be stretched out and exploited to make emotions rise and fall.


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