There’s quite a bit to admire about electronic artist DOT (a.k.a. Kate Ellwanger) besides her refreshing perspective on music making, as evident on her album, Retrofuture (even the name is coolness itself!)

Everything about DOT is D-I-Y in the finest punk tradition, with her music label Unspeakable Records adopting a feminist agenda and functioning as a champion for the often unsung female producers.

This D-I-Y spirit extends quite naturally to the music itself, with DOT responsible for all the sounds heard on Retrofuture – it’s hybrid electronic pop ‘n’ soul genre a wonder to behold. Fundamentally, it’s a pretty chilled out album and designed for the listener to relax to.

That said, there’s enough sophistication and the right reference points to keep music lovers of most every ilk deeply invested in exploring the myriad treasures hidden within Retrofuture.

There is a perfect balance between ‘real’ instruments (guitar and bass) and electronic (synths and percussion) in songs like “Gravity”, “Love Is” and “No Filter” that demands a discerning ear to divine its blessings.

This is pop power at its finest – erudite without sacrificing melodic finesse.


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