KAMCO Music is organizing three talks cum workshops during the two-day OOOM Music Festival (8th to 9th December – this weekend!!) and as promised, here are more details. Spend your weekend with us! Come early to avoid disappointment!!

A SHORT HISTORY OF SINGAPORE INDIE ROCK MUSIC: From the 90s to the present day

Once upon a time, Singapore indie rock music had #1 radio hits, extensive media coverage and a considerable fan base. So what has happened since then to change that and will Singapore music ever be appreciated in the same way again? The answers to these questions (and more) are addressed in this talk to be presented by Singapore indie music specialist Kevin Mathews with guest contributions from Pat Chng (The Oddfellows, TypeWriter), Yee Chang Kang (The Ordinary People, TypeWriter) and Hentai Cat (MONSTER CAT).

7.30pm Sat, 8th Dec.


Songwriting is not only an art but also a technique that can be studied and learned. During this panel discussion, the fundamentals of songwriting (i.e. melody, lyrics, chord progressions and arrangements) will be presented by established songwriters Don Richmond, Yee Chang Kang (TypeWriter), Sarah Cheng-De Winne and Kevin Mathews, who will also double up as moderator. Come and experience the experts share the stories behind your favourite songs and even special songwriting tips! 

2.30pm Sun, 9th Dec.


What does it take for a performer to go from open mic to the concert hall? Find out in this interactive, hands-on workshop where experienced musicians like Patrick Chng, Jack & Rai, Nick Chim and Rachael Teo share valuable tips on musical performance and will offer real-time advice on how you can improve your singing and musicianship in order to fulfil your performing ambitions. 

Note: – Participants will have to bring their own instruments (e.g. guitars, ukeleles, portable keyboards etc) to get the most of the breakout sessions.

7.30pm Sun, 9th Dec.

All talks cum workshops will be conducted at the OOOM Academy @ Multi-Purpose Room (B1) National Library Building. Admission is FREE. Artists will be selling their CDs and merch during the Festival so please remember to bring along some spare cash!!!

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