NICHOLAS CHIM I Have Damned Every Moment Over (29 Cornflakes)

Nicholas Chim (singer/songwriter), whose successful career spans 10 years, has come very far. Having played his music regionally in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, he was also a electric guitarist/songwriter of local band, Vertical Rush. He is currently a full-time music teacher, as well as a practicing musician.

His full-length album consists of folk music, with vocals, guitars, a trumpet and a cello. His music is hauntingly beautiful and well-crafted, sounding like a mix of Bon Iver, Nick Drake and Pedro the Lion. There are many songs on the album that showcase Nick’s songwriting and musical abilities, including Leave Me With A Fever and Blue, which show a more emotional side of him. Acoustic guitars are a staple throughout the album, with layers of trumpets, a cello and vocals added in to create different moods to the album.

Playing music solo gives listeners a chance to discover who he is as a musician and a person, outside from Vertical Rush. The thing I like about his lyrics is that it’s relatable, as if he were narrating stories to the listeners straight from his own experiences. I really liked how each song expressed different emotions about the human life and spirit.

Nick will be launching his debut album on August 29, 2009 at the Substation Gallery from Noon – 8pm. He will be playing songs from his full-length album, and there will be art installations and experimental videos to provide a spectacular audio-visual experience.

(Rebecca Lincoln)


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