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From 18th-27th January, Nicholas Chim & The Middle of Nowhere will be playing a string of shows in Hong Kong for the first time! The band needs your help to raise money for the tour! We caught up with the man himself to find out more.

How did the Hong Kong tour come about?

A couple of years back by coincidence, I helped to organize a show at Home Club for Luke Chow from Hong Kong. We were total strangers then but through working together, we became good friends and learned a lot about touring along the way.

We had always talked about me going to Hong Kong to play shows for a long time. After the great learning curve that was touring Tokyo and Chiba in 2011, it seems like it is finally the right time to go there. Luke has been a great help in organizing the tour. I doubt it would be this smooth pre-tour if it wasn’t for him!

Who’s in the lineup for The Middle of Nowhere?

The Middle of Nowhere is made of the same group of friends who have been helping me since I started going solo. Ray, Daren and Shaun have played with me since the days of Vertical Rush and WMUM. Aarika was introduced to me by our good friend Kristal Melson (the same one who did the illustration for Forgiefan) and has helped me out since I was recording my first album I Have Damned Every Moment Over.

What can fans expect at the upcoming fundraiser? 

We’ve been working on the next batch of songs that will all hopefully make the third album. You’ll get to hear some of them littered throughout the set before Hong Kong does. It’s been a long time since the band has played together and we’d like to share our new direction with you. It’s darker and angrier, kind of like wishing the world did end on 21st December 2012.

Entry is $15 but if you feel like contributing more, please do! Nick’s albums and assorted merchandise will be up for sale too.

Supporting Nicholas & The Middle of Nowhere will be: – For This Cycle, The Fire Fight, Esther Lowless, Yuji Kumagai & These Brittle Bones!

Presented by Home Club and RSC.

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