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MICHAEL GROSS AND THE STATUETTES Dusk & Daylight EP (Self released)

Michael Gross and The Statuettes is Michael Gross (vocals, guitar), James Kelly (guitar), Matthew Glass (drums, keys), Benjamin Johnson (bass) and Aaron Hubbard (keys).

I really liked the EP, and it is very likable and accessible, with catchy tunes and feel-good lyrics. There were songs on the EP that sounded a bit like Matt Costa and early The Ataris, which was a bonus for me because I grew up listening to them.

My favourite tracks on the EP would have to be Novocaine and Stone Face, which reveal the lyrical prowess of the band. I have to say that the EP is rather old school 70s pop-rock, so it might not appeal to indie rock set. However, it’s definitely worth a listen, especially for folks who dig melodic rock ‘n’ roll served the old fashioned way.

(Rebecca Lincoln)

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