Monday night seems an odd choice for a gig date but then, sometimes you need to “think out of the box”. Or maybe the venue was not available on Friday or Saturday. In any case, the bands that blew away the sizable crowd last night (viz. King Kong Jane, TypeWriter & Cheating Sons) did everything in their power to ensure that it was indeed a memorable Monday night for all concerned.

The three bands on show are perhaps representative of the more “traditional” pop-rock leanings of the S-ROCK fraternity where the word “emo” would mean emotional songs, performances and connections rather than haircuts and fashion statements. One thing that really struck me was the sheer quality of the songs whether it be King Kong Jane’s Waiting For Friday, Lollipop or Go Away (which is an excellent track), TypeWriter’s Where To Go (which KKJ tacked on to the end of Go Away – an unforgettable moment! And oh can I just say that Where To Go is an essential S-ROCK classic!!!), The Deepest Blue or Cry So Well or Cheating Sons’ Pale Rider, The Last Queen (a fast crowd fave) or Such A Slippery Slope.

Sure the sound could have been better but all things considered, the songs and performances shone through as the bands established their own sonic characters viz. modern alt-rock (King Kong Jane), power pop (TypeWriter) and alt-country (Cheating Sons). Yes, some generalization involved but the bottom line is simple, these bands are delivering some of the most immediate, melodic satisfying pop-rock music in Singapore at the moment. Check ’em out!

King Kong Jane | TypeWriter | Cheating Sons

PS. Thanks for the offer of the chicken wings, Lennat… 🙂

NB. You can access better photos of the gig on Facebook, courtesy of Zaki Razalo.