Halfway through the set, Linda Ong shared with the packed audience a story about how she was stood up by a national radio executive when the latter had agreed to meet her to discuss radio airplay relating to Lunarin’s 2006 album Chrysalis. There was a defiant tone in her voice as she declared that she would never again “beg” anyone to listen to the music of Lunarin again.

Certainly with the release of Duae, Lunarin (Linda, Ho Kah Wye and Loo Eng Teck) have stuck stridently to this principle and have made things happen on their own terms. It warms my heart to see such conviction in a S-ROCK band – they know who they are and what their music is about and that is enough.

Though officially the Duae album launch, the gig at the Playden, Arts House was more a culmination of over two years of inspiration and perspiration for Linda, Kah Wye and Eng Teck. As a performance, it was enthralling as the band played music from both its albums and even an “oldie” from the Fuzzbox days.

A true power trio, there were occasions last night when Lunarin recalled Rush (!) in its physics and chemistry, and it was obvious that after about two months of various gigs, the band was at the top of its game. Sinewy riffs, intricate percussion and Linda’s bird-like larynx melded together, a melange of metallic bliss.

Throughout the event, I observed the many familiar faces entranced by what they witnessed on stage (well, it was really the floor but…), it was something to be treasured and remembered. It does not matter one iota if the Singapore mainstream media (or the covers-obsessed bar patron) fails to get Lunarin, ultimately what matters is that the people who LOVE Lunarin (not fans right, Linda?) absolutely and totally get it! I consider myself blessed to be counted in that number.

If you’re reading this, I assume that you have already purchased a copy of Duae, if not – what the fuck are you waiting for?

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Picture by Aloysius Lim.

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