We are Singapore. As we celebrate our 45th year of independence, there remains a gnawing suspicion that we have traded our souls for prosperity. Lunarin (viz. Linda Ong, Ho Kah Wye & Loo Eng Teck) is composed of three working professionals who have chosen to pursue and develop their musical gifts in the maelstrom of personal, familial and professional responsibilities.

This election totally flies in the face of recognized convention of the life path of Singaporean young professionals. Especially in a country that does not value rock music. Could you argue that for Ong, Ho and Loo, Lunarin is a hobby, and perhaps a mere vanity project? That might be the conclusion reached by a cynic, certainly. But judging by the blood, sweat and tears, (not to mention creativity and innovation) poured into the making of the band’s sophomore effort Duae, even the harshest critic may not find it so easy to dismiss the trio.

Thus, it is instructional to view [the space between] the video of the making of Duae, just released by the band and to learn that despite all appearances, the heart of rock ‘n’ roll beats within. And as we move forward as a nation, it is vital that bands like Lunarin be allowed (nay, encouraged) to flourish so that as a nation we may no longer be the soulless husks we have been driven by social engineering to be.

Duae drops on 20th August. Review to come. More info at

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