The Great Spy Experiment by Fir

History in the making? Okay, so maybe that’s pouring the hyperbole a little thick but then again, it’s not that far off from the truth. What am I talking about? Obama’s election? Nope, something much closer to home.

Fourteen years ago, I appeared on Live on 5, the last time we had a TV programme featuring S-ROCK bands live and last night I was thrilled to be at the world premiere of Live N Loaded. As Rachael and I shuffled into the near-empty studio, with A Vacant Affair blaring over the PA, I was struck by how compact the venue was, especially with the two performing stages across each other. I looked for somewhere I could lean on and ended up in front of one stage and before you know it, Saiful, Mag, Khai, Song and Fandy walked on! 

The crowd went apeshit and for the next hour or so were unrelentless in shouting and screaming themselves hoarse in adoration and approval of our S-ROCK bands. GSE kicked it off with a fiery Siti in the City and Ling (looking and sounding great) followed up with a jaunty Suburbia. Three “exposed” bands and one “Sonic Youth” strutted their stuff viz. Kay Swisher featuring the Supreme One, Fatskunks, Sea Bed Sound and Lamp Post Shadows. Though to be honest, I could not quite get into the music but to their credit they obviously gave it 100%. 



Ling Kai by Thomas Tan
Ling Kai by Thomas Tan

With GSE upping the ante, Electrico had to be on their game and how. Oozing class from every pore, the band was augmented by the Horndogs – trumpet and sax – and delivered a rockin’ We Satellites, with William and Desmond an awesomely tight rhythm section. Before you know it, GSE was playing Class ‘A’ Love Affair (see vid below), the final song and it was over. Well, not really, as the Live N Loaded team and GSE gifted us new song The Lights as a wonderful bonus. 

Overall, the debut show was a cracking success. The give and take between bands and audience as one pushed the other to greater heights was a sight to behold. I’ve always believe that a rock audience will only get as good as they give and with the crowd giving their all, it was obvious that their energy and excitement was rubbing off on the bands and their heightened levels of performance was clear to all. The buzz around the studio was incredieble. Electrifying. Towards the end, the kids were moshing and bodysurfing, and I was thinking to myself that an activity that was used by the authorities to shut down indie gigs in the past was now being televised live on the goverment-controlled TV network. And who says things don’t change. 

One down, nine episodes to go, I intend to go to as many as I humanly can. Next – Vertical Rush, A Vacant Affair, Jack and Rai and more. Can hardly wait. Kudos to Sebas and the Live N Loaded team for a well produced show. 

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