LAST LUNGS Look At That Old Grizzly Bear (Deep Elm)

Look At That Old Grizzly Bear is the debut album from Last Lungs, a five-piece band from Preston, England, who describe themselves as a melodramatic pop band. This instrumental album is highly recommended for folks who enjoy listening to emo rock music and at the same time, lying back sipping a cup of tea. The album opens  with the track Oh, Good Morning, which is the perfect summary of the entire album. It explodes with the same intensity expected of metal bands, but just as I’m getting into the driving of the drums, the song abruptly switches to a period of serenity. This band certainly has the ability to utterly lose themselves in creating music, yet maintains the consciousness of pulling back, all the while never losing the listener’s attention or interest.

I have to say that each track is a surprise, and while the album maintains consistency in sound and direction, each track remains fresh. Some of the louder tracks would sound great at a live gig, where people can lose themselves in the music, while other tracks tempt me to take a walk in a cold English garden.

I really admire their ability to create an album that is so clear in direction, yet never slips into boring its listeners. Fans of Chapel Club would enjoy this album, and they sound not unlike an instrumental Freelance Whales, or The Middle East. And perhaps, their S-ROCK equivalent would be a slightly toned-down Amateur Takes Control.

(Melissa Ng)


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