Dunedin-based band Knives at Noon sure makes an impression with their EP Glitter Guts, power-packed with slick and dark tunes to get your feet moving. Fans of The Bravery, Bloc Party and The Killers are sure to love this well-produced EP and the indie/electronic rock band. The first track on the EP, Violins 2.0, is a massive indie dance track, reminiscent of fashionable parties downtown, yet slows down and increases in intensity toward the end with amplified vocals, a la Brandon Flowers. A personal favourite on the EP is the second track, “Human Heart From Modern Art”. Besides the epic song name, the track also has elements that make up a great indie rock anthem, having a catchy tune that stays in your head, crunchy guitar riffs and solos that create space and also giving a sense of euphoria (experienced across indie clubs across the world). Ending as abruptly as it began, it leaves you wanting more. Fortunately, the next track, “Licking Plastic”, doesn’t disappoint with its use of sudden stops, use of synths and ringing goodness of the guitars and keyboards. “ThunderVeins”, the last track, sounds much like the previous track, but with lesser intensity.

This work by Knives at Noon is extremely high on energy and intensity, perfect for either extremely sober or spirited nights! It remains to be seen what this Kiwi band can achieve with creating a full-length album, and whether they can stand out from the endless flock of indie bands nowadays. Their latest single, “Handshake of the Heartache” (not on this EP), hints at the greater things the band could accomplish. Sounding breezy yet maintaining their intensity, it is great for a chic poolside and summer party (like in their video!) and exudes much of the same vibes as music by Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Having already played at festivals in Australia and New Zealand (including Big Day Out), I look forward to more great things from this band and hope they will gain more popularity!

(Melissa Ng)

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