I am not going to review S-ROCK band King Kong Jane’s performance at Home Club on April Fool’s Day, cos as expected the band truly “brought it” – energy, melodies and crowd-pleasing songs. What more could you want?

The S-ROCK community regularly bitches about how bad the S-ROCK scene is – complaining about the lack of public support and government funding (yes, me included as well) – blah blah blah! But based on the show last night, you’d think that the S-ROCK scene was thriving as King Kong Jane’s fans packed the Home Club and had a ball of a time!

So let’s take that at face value why don’t we? Let’s enjoy the moment – Singaporeans actually cheering and dancing to original music made by a band from Singapore. Back in 2007, I wrote about King Kong Jane – “With their talent, commitment, flair, eclecticism and humour – there is enough to suggest that this band can go as far and stay the course as long as they collectively decide to… ” and I am proud to say that four years later, I have been proven right.

If you haven’t got your copy of King Kong Jane’s debut album, Waiting For Friday, do it now.

Back to your pointless discussions about Rebecca Black or Tin Pei Ling.

Pictures by Jerusha Tan, Miyuki Sagi and Samuel Leong respectively.