Sorry but I am not in a good mood. A few days ago I tried to get feedback about whether people saw me as a singer-songwriter or music journalist first. It was clear that most of the responses were very much based on the age of the responder. The older the person, the more they thought of me as a singer-songwriter first. That’s the problem. In the last year or so, the folks in charge of the media and venues are generally younger – maybe 18 to 35 – and in their book, I am a music journalist full stop. Thus, in the entire year, I have not been invited to perform ANYWHERE! The only shows I have done I have had to organise myself – the Present Sense launches. Is my creative life over at 55? Do these people think of me as an irrelevance? Sad to think that this is true. Fact is the only time folks contact me is to get me to publicise something they are doing – so yeah, I guess that’s the way folks look at me – as a writer, a journalist. Not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but I’d like to think that my life as a singer-songwriter is not over! Is it???

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  1. Well you got me beat Kevin – at least some people know that you’re a songwriter! 🙂 I had to give it up b/c it became far too obvious that “I” was my only audience and Bittersweet Machines was nothing more than a vanity project. Your creative life is far from over.

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