We urge the Organisers of Countdown 2016 to recognize and respect the values of the majority of Singapore that has voiced its desire to preserve our nation’s moral fibre.

The above is from a petition to stop American singer Adam Lambert from performing at Countdown 2016. Amongst the objections, are the fact that Lambert is gay and his shows are sexually charged.

So what? Does that mean that being offended by a person’s lifestyle and performance gives you the right to dictate what others – who do not share your beliefs – should or should not watch?

The quote is particularly telling. The fact that these people believe that one performance is going to somehow destroy the ‘moral fibre’ of an entire nation reveals their collective stupidity.

What? So at midnight on January 1st 2016, there will be spontaneous fucking on the streets because folks watched an Adam Lambert performance? Methinks they give Lambert too much credit – who is he, the bloody Purple Man?

C’mon, Lambert will at most sing one or two songs. You are perfectly entitled to close your eyes and shut your ears when he is performing – some of us even do that though not for the same reasons!

Why make such a big fuss over such a trivial matter? Grow up, please…