Even as there is online discussion fermenting on whether Singapore artists should stop applying for grants from the National Arts Council (as a protest against censorship), there has been some soul-searching amongst the so-called Singapore indie music scene as well.

However, this discomfort has sprung up from a specific online dispute between certain personalities within the ‘scene’ and though I feel this reflects a more personal situation between individuals – this insecurity has prompted several reactions questioning the validity of the indie music scene.

Personally, I believe that this will blow over somewhat — like other online spats — and in fact, perversely signals that the Singapore music scene itself (generally speaking) is growing, which is causing a splintering of sorts to occur between the so-called ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’.


A true indie music scene is about community (i.e. people) and should not be about successful and unsuccessful  ‘genres’ — which breeds jealousy and divisiveness — and while it is human nature somewhat to be selfish, I think that there is enough heart within the folks who are committed to the community to overcome these teething pains.

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