Mar 082013


Inch Chua is back! And already new album Bumfuzzle promises to be one of THE releases of 2013 but before we get to that, Inch has issued the delightful “Artful Dodger” as her opening single. Here’s the press release from Riot! Records.

Inch  Chua’s  Indiegogo  campaign  supporters  were  the  first  to  receive  her  new  music.   The  Los  Angeles-­‐based  Singaporean  artist  raised  $15,510  on  the  crowd-­‐funding  site   to  finance  the  mixing  and  mastering  of  her  highly  anticipated  follow-­‐up  to   Wallflower.     “The  new  album  is  very  different  from  my  last  album  and  ‘Artful  Dodger’  is  a  song  on   the  album  that  I  feel  best  bridges  my  old  sound  with  my  new  musical  direction,”   confesses  Chua.  “The  lyrics  of  my  songs  are  birthed  from  catharsis.  You  could  literally   tear  a  page  from  my  journal  and  you  would  get  a  song  like  ‘Artful  Dodger.”     The  release  of  “Artful  Dodger”  marks  a  return  to  Chua’s  indie  rock  roots,  evident  in   the  single’s  massive  drum  and  aggressive  guitar  sounds.  “It  was  fun  twisting  and   turning  knobs  on  this  song;  there  are  some  cool  funky  sounds  in  there.”

“Artful  Dodger’s”  lyrics  and  music  were  written  by  Inch  Chua.  The  record  was   produced  by  Chua,  Mark  John  Hariman  and  Leonard  Soosay,  and  recorded  at   Snakeweed  Studios,  Singapore.  Assistant  Engineers  included  Hariman,  Chua,  Mindy   Kon  and  Issa  Mel.  Mixing  was  handled  by  Todd  Bergman  at  Repro-­‐Ductions,  and   mastering  conducted  by  Howie  Weinberg  at  Howie  Weinberg  Mastering.

Check out the lyric video below.

“Artful Dodger” is now available from iTunes.

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