I heard about Ignite! Music Festival 2009 through A Vacant Affair’s status updates on Facebook. I couldn’t make it for their set on Friday due to other commitments, so I trooped down after work on Saturday.

By the time I arrived, Tacit Aria had already started their set. I hadn’t heard that much from them, other than through their Myspace account.

They had decent stage antics but I felt that they relied too heavily on their influences, and they sounded similar to a lot of the other bands we have within the scene. Some of their songs also sounded mashed up and it was a bit confusing to follow.

They did better with the last song and they meant it when they said they were rocking out to end the set. They’ll be performing alongside Fire Away Samson and Saving Someone! on August 15 for Transitions EP Launch @ Scape Labs ($15).

I hope they improve because I really liked the last song they performed, and based on that, they have the potential if they come up with a sound that’s unique to who they are as a band.


King Kong Jane were next, and I’ve always though they were one of the more consistent bands in the scene. They won Powerjam 2008 & were Vivian Wang (The Observatory)’s apprentices for NOISE Singapore.

By the time they started the set, there was a small crowd, mainly seated at the back in the shade. Colin commented that it was like playing to the seventh month audience, which was partially true considering the wide gap between the stage and the audience.

They played songs like Waiting for Friday and Lollipop, which were catchy. The band themselves looked like they were having fun, it was such a pity they got such a poor response. I really liked the band’s performance. It’s been far too long since I caught them live.


Vertical Rush was the band I came to see. I was a bit disappointed with their performance and it wasn’t their best one. They played the usual songs like Spaceman, Your Last Song and Collide. Their redemption came when they played a revision of Wasting, which was fantastic.

The thing I didn’t like about the set was how Esmond’s vocals kept fading in and out throughout the set. The sound was problematic, ranging from drowned out vocals to the bass being too loud.

It was an interesting festival and even though I didn’t stay the rest of the day, I heard positive feedback from people who stayed throughout. I heard that by the time The Great Spy Experiment played, there was a big crowd of people moshing. ‘Moshing to The Great Spy Experiment!’, you may exclaim. My sentiments. I figure the GSE played music you could dance to, but you never know what to expect with youths these day.

I had a good time while I was there, although there’s still room for improvement. Nonetheless, it was great that they brought back Ignite! Music Festival this year with fantastic bands.

(Rebecca Lincoln)

Pix by Shiro Ang

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