Sean Nerney

Just needed to say a few words about I Hate This Place‘s gig at Hood Bar on Saturday, 22nd September. This was the first gig I had arranged for IHTP and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed their set. Probably due to the F1 weekend, the attendance was not as encouraging as it could have been but them’s the breaks.

Gayle Nerva

The combination of keyboardist/vocalist Sean Nerney, vocalist Gayle Nerva and guitarist Roman Tarrasov makes for an interesting blend. IHTP plays electro-pop – not to be confused with dance-pop – and sometimes that puts them into a dead zone as far as the indie scene is concerned.

Roman Tarrasov

This is a pity cuz with more exposure, I am sure that IHTP will appeal to young Singaporean music fans. Especially with Gayle’s infectious charm to add on to the technical musicality of Sean and Roman. A new EP is in the works with hopefully more gigs to come. Stay tuned.



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