I AM SONIC RAIN Between Whales & Feverish Lights (Deep Elm)

Between Whales & Feverish Lights is the latest album from I Am Sonic Rain, an instrumental band from Italy. The album is well.. sonic, and very powerful and the emotion that emanates from it is fearless. On the entire album, the five-piece band is unafraid to push the boundaries by being loud, and very dark at the right times. Listening to an album is generally a journey, but in the case of Between Whales & Feverish Lights, every track is one.

The first thing that caught my attention was the album artwork, set in the ocean and the sky, which reflects the song names that are associated with such themes, and the interesting song names, which can’t hurt, in my opinion. The first track, Jellyfish Are Murderers (one of the interestingly named tracks on the album), sets the standard for each track with its highs and lows, and the second track, Fog Is Drowning Us, is one of my personal highlights from the album, being practically a film on its own, with the introduction, plot, climax and extremely abrupt ending. The Nine Unknowns is a very intriguing track, sounding deceivingly like a lullaby in the beginning and quickly escalates to a paced chanting, that can be downright creepy too. It seems to be a departure from the rest of the album, being the most unlike all the other tracks. The title track, which is also the last track on the album, is a quiet wrap-up to the album, with recordings of the sounds made by whales to communicate being included on the track.

Instrumental music listeners would love this album with its refreshing take on the light-dark contrast of tones and the overarching themes of the ocean with its playful shallow waves and the dark murky depths, but perhaps not as appropriate for virgin instrumental music listeners with its increased subtlety. Between Whales & Feverish Lights is also noticeably different from the other albums released by their label-mates.

The entire album can be said to made up of tracks that consist of the slow build-up to thunderstorms, and the sudden unleashing of rain and hail, when the song moves from a cautionary calm to an outright relentless onslaught (in a good way), just as the weather changes, which is rather appropriate, considering the album was inspired by the weather experienced by the band in their hometown of Treviso, Italy.

(Melissa Ng)


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