I feel entire comfortable with stating that NO Spurs fan expected this amazing result. Being typically cautious when it comes to my favorite team, I predicted two draws from two games. Instead, we have two wins! Not only that but we are sitting on top of the Premier League on goal difference. Talk about unexpected!

Didn’t watch the game (pity!) but judging from the reports, Spurs were coasting from the moment hat-trick hero Jermain Defoe struck his first goal. Considering the problems Spurs had scoring last season and the conventional wisdom that declares that Defoe and Robbie Keane can’t play together, the five goals away from home (with the front pair contributing four) is simply astonishing!

Only black mark on the game was Gomes’ injury early on but with the able Cudicini to deputise, I’m sure Gomes’ absence will not be a major factor. So, expectations have now skyrocketed for Spurs’ season and it will be interesting to see how the team manages such expectations with the trip to Upton Park for the grudge match against the Hammers on Sunday.

As usual with Spurs, it’s an unpredictable ride!


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  1. I never saw much sense in the notion that Keane and Defoe can’t pair up: After all, they did score 121 goals in their first stint together!

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