Dec 172012

(Press release)

Hopeless Records is excited to announce our newest signing, Denver, Colorado’s AIR DUBAI. Their songs “All Day” and “Warning” are now available for purchase on iTunes as a two-song bundle.

Purchase “ALL DAY” & “WARNING” song bundle on iTunes:

Composed of singer Jon Shockness, rapper Julian Thomas, Nick Spreigl (drums), Lawrence Grivich (guitar), Michael Ray (keyboard/synth), and Taylor Tait (bass), the band’s group appeal lies in its member’s passion for the music they create. A heady mix of hip-hop, pop, soul, rock and electronic, AIR DUBAI exists not to fit into one specific category or sound, but instead to create something new and fresh on each album and even every song. The true magic lies in AIR DUBAI’S live shows; energetic, soulful performances fueled mainly by the faithful fans that come to see them play.

“Signing with HOPELESS was like finding the final horcrux; now we have all the proper materials to destroy it…” – drummer Nick Spreigl.

AIR DUBAI has been voted Westword Magazine’s “Best Hip Hop” band in 2010, 2011 & 2012. They have shared the stage with such acts such as One Republic, 3Oh!3 & Rise Against.




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