HERO TOMORROW DVD (Swinging Cane Productions)

With the modern day superhero movie being synonymous with big budget blockbusters, it’s refreshing to come across an indie film that attempts to present superhero concepts in an arthouse manner. Hero Tomorrow – helmed by Ted Sikora – is, as it’s press release suggests, “a trippy comic shop romance with a superhero twist”.

The romance in question involves David (Perren Hedderson) – a struggling comic book artist – and Robyn (Jocelyn Wrzosek)  – his wannabe fashion designer girlfriend. Robyn makes David a Halloween costume based on his original creation Apama and things, as they say, start to go seriously wrong after that…

As with many arthouse film, it starts a little tentatively (and even awkwardly) but once you warm up to the characters, the film really takes off with intriguing plot developments and genuinely heartfelt and funny moments. The superhero elements slowly fade to the background and Hero Tomorrow really becomes a story about two dysfunctional personalities in love and how their troubled relationship is resolved.

Anyone who loves a good indie film and appreciates excellent (albeit quirky) storytelling will be touched (one way or another) by Hero Tomorrow.

Trailer below.

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