Truth be told, I have been sorely disappointed by fantasy movies in 2011. Discounting the superhero films, the likes of Cowboys & Aliens, Conan the Barbarian and Immortals have made me wary of the offerings coming up in 2012. But let’s take a look at them anyways.

Well, of course, there’s little doubt that Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is the most eagerly anticipated movie of 2012 and based on the trailer above, there’s no reason to believe that it would fail to meet expectations. Check out that scene in the American football stadium – amazing! It is looking ominous for Batman here and I just cannot wait to see how Nolan wraps up this trilogy.

The Clash of the Titans was a waste of time and money. Now, this is a sequel that seems to actually feature the mythological Titans (shades of Immortals eh?) and whilst the visuals look good, I am not hoping too much from the story if the first movie was anything to go by. And rule of thumb is that anything with Sam Worthington in it tends to suck! Probably best to avoid eh?

Speaking of movies to avoid… it’s Nic Cage. Nuff said!

Finally, Bryan Singer returns to genre film-making with this promising adaptation of the well-known fairy tale. Fee Fi Fo Fum!

Men in Black? Again? With a Back to the Future twist? Sure, why not???

So what geek movies are you looking forward to in 2012???