After the shocking reveal in the previous episode concerning Tyler’s outing as Voq, nobody quite expected that fans would get an even bigger twist in “Vaulting Ambition”.

Of course, this episode was hotly anticipated primarily due to the return of Michelle Yeoh as the Terran Emperor Georgiou of the Mirror Universe, and the episode did not disappoint.

Certainly, the highlight this week was Burnham’s interaction with Emperor Georgiou as the former gambled with revealing the truth and hoping that she could still leverage the connection between the two characters across parallel universes.

Of course, that was actually the least of Burnham’s problems as the episode pulled various strands together to reveal that Captain Gabriel Lorca was all along from the Mirror Universe!

Brilliant writing that wonderfully validates Trekkers’ complaints that Lorca did not behave like a Starfleet captain – well, they were right, because he was definitely not one, all this time! What a twist!

Which makes this entire sojourn into the Mirror Universe all part of Lorca’s end game, with the Klingon-Federation war as a clever plot device to hide the true intent of the series’ direction.

All of which places Star Trek : Discovery up there with some of the recent top genre TV series like Westworld, Game of Thrones and Legion. Kudos!

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