As always, I place great important on well-crafted plot and characterisation when reviewing movies. While A Quiet Place has an intriguing premise, the story, unfortunately is illogical.

The world has been invaded by aliens. These creatures are vicious, virtually invulnerable killers. But they are also blind and thus have hyper-sensitive hearing. Therefore, the premise – in order to survive, human beings need to be very very quiet.

Which works well from a horror perspective, as a protagonist family, father (John Krasinski), mother (Emily Blunt), sister (Millicent Simmonds) and brother (Noah Jupe) develop a new way of living – in relative silence – to avoid the monsters.

All well and good until you subject that premise to greater scrutiny.

How would these creatures – who are blind, mind you – be able to develop spacecraft and navigate their way to Earth?

Also, from what can be gleaned from the appearance of these creatures, they do not seem to be intelligent enough to come up with space travel.

What is their grand plan? Roam the Earth and listen out for the sound of humans?

AND, if the creatures are hyper-sensitive to sound, why doesn’t the governments of Earth use that fact against the creatures? Too many plot holes.

Not only that, the movie never once addresses the ridiculous notion of this couple introducing a new born into this world, as well. Seriously? How could anyone be so irresponsible?

In the final analysis, one realises that the premise – though clever initially – is really just a gimmick that loses its potency very quickly. There has been no attempt at world-building whatsoever and without that the story rings hollow.

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