Director Yuki Kumagai combined his love for pop idols, quirky detectives and zombies to come up with his delightful horror-comedy Tokyo Living Dead Idol.

The story revolves around an idol (Nana Asakawa) who is bitten by a zombie and only has 72 hours left until she becomes one. She engages a private investigator (Shogen) to help her find a cure before her time is up.

What makes Tokyo Living Dead Idol entertaining is Kumagai’s offbeat take on zombie tradition, interpreting the same through the lens of Japanese pop culture.

There is quite a bit of satire inflicted on the whole idol culture and its fans. Asakawa is perfect in the role as in real life, she is a pop idol with SuperGirls.

Not that she does not deliver a strong performance as the desperate Miku who rises to the occassion in her dire hour of need.

Though there isn’t quite a detailed mystery and there are convenient devices to bring Miku to her goal, it is the humorous action set pieces that keep the momentum going well.

Audiences might laugh more than scream watching Tokyo Living Dead Idol, but they will still be entertained.

There will be another screening of Tokyo Living Dead Idol tomorrow night at the Scream Asia Film Festival at 9.15pm. Tickets available from

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