I read a lot of super-hero comic books growing up in the 60s and one of my favorite characters was the X-Man, Cyclops. You know, the guy who could shoot red laser beams from his eyes, functioned as team leader (in the absence of the crippled Professor X), hooked up with the only girl (Marvel Girl, natch aka Jean Grey) in the team and possessed all the qualities that I looked up to as a young pre-teen child.

Of course, in the subsequent years, Cyclops’ life got a whole lot more complicated and his character has been revised to such an unrecognizable extent (as with most comic book super-heroes) that I have lost all interest in him (and super-hero comic books in general).

That all said, I still felt completely pissed off with Bryan Singer’s treatment of Cyclops in his X-Men movies as he felt that he had to undermine Cyclops in order to elevate Wolverine. So Cyclops became this wimpy, whiny kid (younger than Jean Grey) who had this amazing power but was constantly been whipped by the most pathetic villains – Toad (!) and Lady Deathstrike.

Not only that but in the risible third X-movie (directed by Brett Ratner) Cyclops then suffered the ignominy of being killed off by the evil Jean Grey, OFF-CAMERA! And do not get me started on the dumb Wolverine movie, where a very young wimpy, whiny Cyclops suddenly appears and crosses paths with Wolverine (I won’t bore you with the glaring plot holes/continuity gaffes within the X-Movies themselves) before being rescued by Professor X at the end of the film.

So what about the upcoming X-Men: First Class? Well, no Cyclops at all! Probably just as well as I will then have a better chance of enjoying the Matthew Vaughn-helmed film. But… now the X-Movie producers are talking about X-Men 4 and 5! Seriously? I shudder to think of what further damage to my childhood heroes Fox will inflict…