Well, the night started inauspiciously enough with heavy rain when I left home to meet Rach for dinner. By the time, we ventured out to Zouk after our heavy meal (briyani), the rain had subsided and when we arrived at Zouk, it was rather empty! I guess rubber time prevailed as usual so we met Cheryl Ann Lee (from Amnesty, the event organizers) and she apologized for the delay and so we sauntered off to the Wine Bar to wait for the all clear.

Around 9pm, we were told that the doors to Velvet Underground were opened and we could get in to imbibe the free flow (vodka lime, rum and coke) before the bands started playing. So we duly did so and were sufficiently chilled by the time Inch Chua and the Metric System took the stage. Bani (B-Quartet) Haykal was playing bass (!) and the hits from Wallflower were belted out, though Inch’s vocals were a little strained, I felt. Still, Rule the World was spot on and all told, a fine set.

To be honest, I was less impressed by Breakbeat Theory and Caracal, hearts were in the right place and all that but execution seemed awry for some reason. Something was missing from both sets, sad to say. It was not bad or something really difficult to take or anything like that but I just thought that both acts felt short of what Inch & the Metric System had managed earlier. Well, it happens.

Whatever. There was a good sized crowd to show their appreciation for the bands so all’s well that ends well, I guess. Not perfect by any means but you just have to give Fred Perry due credit for putting up an event like this. We certainly need more global corporate brands to step forward to engage the local music scene in this manner. Win-win? I think so.

I really want to thank both Cheryl Ann Lee and Carmen Lim for their amazing hospitality, they made us feel so comfortable and at home. I am certainly looking forward to the next Fred Perry Subculture Night and so should you! Thanks to Rach for the good company, as always…

… still there’s more…