EARL GREYHOUND Suspicious Package (Some)

Looking at retro-rock trio, Earl Greyhound, consisting of Matt Whyte (singer/guitarist), Kamara Thomas (bassist/singer) and Ricc Sheridan (drums), you’d think that they were living in a time warp. With a sound that unashamedly recalls classic rock of the 70s, their debut LP – Soft Target – mines Led Zeppelin prodigiously, the trio is an absolute dream for all lovers of that beloved epoch.

And whilst that debut effort may have drawn accusations of mimicry, the band has upped the ante by expanding the range of their sound on this 2nd album, to include prog (the 2-part The Eyes of Cassandra), stoner rock (Holy Immortality), jazz pop (Black Sea Vacation), country-blues balladry (Bill Evans) and folk (Out of Air). Fans of the first LP need not worry, there’s still enough Led Zep-fueled goodness for all you hard rocker out there.

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Check out the video of SOS, off the Soft Target album below.

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