DORENA About Everything and More (Deep Elm)

About Everything and More is Dorena’s sophomore effort of instrumental indie/pop on a grandiose scale, the follow up to Holofon. From the very beginning, Dorena establishes themselves as a very tight band, united in vision and in the ideas they wish to convey, which are all apparent from the first track, The Morning Bus.

22 minutes into the album, We’ll Never Meet This Young Again arrives just as abruptly and surprisingly as a bright sunny day in Singapore in the midst of a monsoon season. The album begins deceptively simple but as I quickly discover, evolves into a scale of epic cinematic symphonies. This album may be no fuss-no trumpets blaring and orchestras playing, but no less grand, highly obvious in this track.

The album picks up from there to emerge into a new day of discovery and reflection. Perhaps the best way to describe this album is the transition from night to day, from a sleepy dream state (cue scenes from Inception) to an awakening to the bright new day of fresh starts, inner hope and peace.

DORENA is an an acronym for De Omnibus Rebus Et Nonnullis Aliis, a Latin phrase which roughly means: About Everything And More, which is an apt name for the album, being ambitious, yet not overreaching, as the album remains subtle in its themes and ideas. It possesses the ability to surprise and impress, and perhaps, be the companion to a night of reclaiming our youth, with all its recklessness, emotional rollercoasters, dark conversations in the middle of the night and the skip in your step on that bright morning as the world wakes.

I highly recommend this album to both the seasoned instrumental listener, as well as to those wishing to explore the genre and to broaden their musical horizons, for this album is a good introduction. The tracks may not seem different and distinguishable from each other, but I feel that this album should be taken as a whole as it tells a story, and is particularly important in this day and age where singles rule and albums lie disregarded.

(Melissa Ng)

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