Episode 9: Teenage Wasteland

Rita’s daughter Astor comes back to prove that Dexter CAN be a good father and consider the interests of others above his own (or so ghostfather Harry tells us). Debra meets Lumen (that is going to come back to haunt Dexter for sure). Jordan Chase discovers that Dexter and Lumen are responsible for the deaths of Boyd and Cole. Dexter uncovers a link to the origins of Jordan Chase. Liddy begins to take a deeper interest in the activities of Dexter and Lumen even as Quinn tells him to let Debra and him alone.

Yes, Season 5 is simmering nicely to a boil now even as we head towards the finale. Jordan Chase and Liddy are proving to be formidable villains and that last bit between Lumen and Chase was delightfully scary. The whole Astor runaway story was a welcome diversion from the tension of the main plot and served to cast Dexter in different light. After Rita’s death, Dexter had more or less given up on himself as a normal human being (as I know he definitely isn’t but humor me), gaining Astor’s trust and love is a turning point for Dexter but where will this lead our favorite serial killer to?

Episode 10: In the Beginning

I have always considered Dexter to be a superhero story. Read why. This analogy is nailed in as Lumen becomes the Robin to Dexter’s Batman. Yes, finally, Lumen is fully Dexter’s partner-in-crime and lover. But more of that later. The villains of the piece – Jordan Chase and Liddy – have both been rather busy hatching their plans to bring down Dexter (and Lumen as well). Meanwhile, DVD recordings of what was done to the 12 barrel girls (and Lumen) have been discovered and Debra posits a theory to Dexter that perhaps there is a vigilante killer out there.

Dexter and Lumen conduct a kill together and the couple finally consummate their relationship. Now, I have always felt that this should never happen as in the first place, Dexter has always been ambivalent about sex and Lumen would be too traumatized to have sex quite so soon (especially with that horrible DVD of her rape and torture fresh in her mind). To me, the scene in which Lumen breaks down after telling Dexter that ‘you’ve been my only way through this’ was infinitely more powerful and touching and revealed the depth of their relationship. Still nothing quite communicates intimacy than sex, I guess.

And that’s where the episode ends actually, with Dexter thinking that even though Lumen knows exactly what he is, in her eyes, he is not a monster. Serene in each other’s arms as we fade to black. The calm before the proverbial storm, methinks!