Coldplay just released another peek into their tour film Live 2012, which will premiere on EPIX this Saturday (Nov 17). The special will be released on DVD for purchase on Nov 19th. This new peek reveals exciting live footage of their hit “Clocks” –

This extensive national tour was in support of their Mylo Xyloto album, and they performed to over 3 million people since it began in June 2011.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin said: “The Mylo Xyloto tour has been the most fun we’ve ever had as a band. It’s felt very uplifting right from the start; partly because we are proud of the music, the LED wristbands, the pyrotechnics, the lasers and all of that stuff, but mainly because of the amazing audiences that we’ve been playing for. Over the years, our crowd has become more and more a part of the concert itself. They’re loud, diverse, full of soul, and make the songs sound much better than we can on our own. We wanted to try to bottle the incredible feeling that they give us, and hence our concert film.” (From Cornerstone Agency Press Release)

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