Singer-songwriter Maricelle Wong shares with us her thoughts on fellow singer-songwriters…

We all know Christina Aguilera’s got power-packed vocals, femme-fatale styled songs, and is the sexy feline with sex appeal, and oozing confidence.

Lotus starts with an intro that’s fresh sounding, a little like Imogen Heap’s pop vision. Honestly, I thought “Army” wasn’t produced as well as her previous albums, but it did emphasize her vocals, and was more natural than the autotuned singles drowning the charts out now. Her amazing high notes are strong, and her sound is emoted, with a tinge of that rock-n-roll attitude.

“Red hot kinda love” is a feel good kinda song, good for playing in the car on a hot afternoon just cruising. The chart topper “Your Body” is sexy for sure, catchy and simple. I like that Christina Aguilera always has that “bitch, I’m beautiful” confidence, alluring and demanding. She’s a pop star for sure, not caring about insults, and encouraging her fans to fight and have that confidence too.

I like “Blank Page”, the tenderness and warm honed tones that the album slows down to, with “Cease Fire” having nice haunting coos, and interesting rhythmic lyrics at the end. “Circles” definitely sounds more old school with the distorted vocals, but the album ends off with “Just a Fool”, a great surge to end off the album. The album definitely has a lot of pain entrenched in it, with lyrics about finding strength when weakened. Lots of female empowerment here. (MW)

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